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I would like to regularly post my gps track to a website so friends and family can see where I've got to so far on an upcoming trip

I'll also be posting photos, geotagged with BT747 (thanks for that feature, it's awesome).

But my problem is the gps track. For ease of use, I was hoping to embed the html created by BT747 onto a site. I don't have my own domain, but I've created a site at Unfortunately, they don't allow me to host foreign html, or embed any on those pages.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy way to do that?


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It is possible to add gadgets to the site and it looks like there are map gadgets.
Do Insert -> More , and then search "map". You'll find the official Google Map gadget. You can provide a data source which I guess can be a KMZ or KML file (or KMZ). Unfortunately that file has to be on the web too.

There are plenty of other ways to get free web space so it should not be a problem to upload your KMZ/KML somewhere. You could go one step further and populate that site with your selected content management SW.

I onced thought about using the GpsTrack solution for uploading tracks ( but I did not see an answer from the author and did not spend a lot of effort on that.

This is not a precise solution, but I hope it puts you in the right direction.

Thanks. That's a good

Thanks. That's a good direction to go in and that would let me setup a site well; photos right next to the map and some other cool stuff.

Unfortunately, the Maps gadget does seem to work straight away, but I'll fight with it a bit more and let you know what i find.

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It is an old thread, but I do

It is an old thread, but I do have another suggestion.

  1. Export to 'kmz' which you can upload
  2. Go to Google maps and enter the link to the KMZ file located on the web.
  3. Use the 'link' functionality to retrieve the link corresponding to the view.
  4. Share that link (example: this).

I am sure that you'll recognize the link ;-).

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Where'd you find that?

Where'd you find that? :-)

That's what I've resorted to, but the only way i've found to upload them is to use Keyhole - Google earth's forum thingy.  I'd prefer to host them as files elsewhere a bit more organised.

Rather than link, i used this tool to embed the google earth track directly into a website that would allow me to post html:


But it's all a bit slow and untidy.

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Where did I find what? - The

Where did I find what?

- The link to the kmz - a regular search of BT747 in google.

- The way to create the map in Google Maps - I do not remember, I am a great observer and I observed this once and now I know it.  You can host the kmz or kmz anywhere on the web - you only need the url pointing to it.


For embedding in a site, some content management systems have plugins for that.  Otherwise you can create the html file in BT747 and integrate it in a frame (see this post).

Might want to checjk out

Might want to checjk out