Not working with java 9

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I installed java 9 and BT747 hangs when trying to connecto to device (Holux RCV-3000)

Unistalling java 9 restore BT747 functionalities.

I use an RCV-3000 as well,

I use an RCV-3000 as well, but with the new MT3333 chipset.

I can connect to the device ("connect" button changes to "disconnect"), but the "Device data" section returns "unknown for every entry. Tried all device protocols, same effect.

Java is 8, Win 7/64, BT747 2.1.11.

Any ideas?

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Hi I went through some


I went through some analysis with a user in January and support for this device is not complete.

The closest is to use the GPSport 260 protocol but the protocol needs to be extended.

Holux had chosen in the past to deviate from the usual protocol and the download protocol for this logger has not been analysed entirely (and hence not implemented either).

I have a lot of other professionnal stuff to handle too, so I can't quite spend the time on this.

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Hi Mario, I have a Holux

Hi Mario,

I have a Holux RCV-3000 with MT3333 too. I used a serial port sniffer to record the "Configuration" and the "log download" of the "ezTour" Tool. I can provide you the log if needed. I highly appreciate the support of the Holux RCV-3000. Let me know in case you need further help/debugging/information.