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I'm new to geotagging. I have a Qstarz BT-Q1000XT, but I am not fully satisfied with the software from this manufacturer (QTravel). I like this BT747 software more but I have some questions (I think I will ask them in a few messages on this forum in the near future).

My first question is about installing the software. I want the software on my PC, so I can run it without an internet connection. The jnlp links on are thus not suitable so I downloaded the zip file but this contains many files for different operating systems, the sources and more. Although I might take a look at the sources sometime (I'm a Java programmer myself) I would like to have a minimal installation.

Can You tell me what .jar files and/or other files I need to run the application ?

And what do the exe files do. I understand they start the application, but the jar files can normally be started without exe files and besides that there are .bat files to start the application. So what's the best way to start ?

By the way: the software seems to be written by Mario de Weerd. This sounds very Dutch. Any Dutch connections ?

Greetings, Gerrit

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I have the same problem!  I

I have the same problem!  I fixed it myself.  My solution is to download all the files from and put them on your computer.  Then modify the .jnlp files so that they don't go to the internet.

The result is 3MB .zip with all the files that you need.  I put it here.  Just unzip this and then run BT747_j2se.jnlp.  It should work even if you are not connected to the internet.

Good luck!

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Hi Actually the 'jnlp' files


Actually the 'jnlp' files are suitable because they allow local installation - I do it all the time.

On windows, BT747 appears in the installed programs list and a link appears on the desktop.  I just switched to a new computer using Win7 and the link is there.

The only thing to be careful about is that you need to allow the link creation and that you need to use one of the '...Install' jnlp files (the other jnlp versions do not create the links).

An alternative is to get the zip file and unzip that.

You can get an idea about the needed jar files by looking at this install description for AUR:

Added to that you need RXTX native files for the version that is being used.

The 'exe' files are essentially a wrapper around the startup of the application - they set the classpath, etc.  They are essentially equivalent with the BAT files (the exe files were built with a tool that does just that).
The BAT files are 'legacy' but allow some flexibility in the configuration, so I keep them in.
I should separate the source distribution and the standard installer distribution, but that makes more stuff to maintain and my time is limited.
When using the zip, 'BT747.exe' or 'BT747_64b.exe' are the best way to start the application (depending on wheter you have 32bit java or 64bit java [you can have 32bit java on a 64bit machine, which I recommend).  BT747 can be run in command line interface mode, in which case I recommend a 'BT747cmd' derivative (even if the other version does the trick too).

My native language is Dutch but I do not use it a lot anymore, I am living in France since over a decade.  Before that, I lived in Belgium in the Flanders.  I do have some 'Dutch' connections professionnaly, but most are french and belgian.


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I tried running the

I tried running the application from the .zip but it didn't work.  A cmd window opened for a moment and then it disappeared, but nothing.

I need a version that doesn't require internet.  Also, I will be using it on computers that aren't mine (friends' computers) so I don't want to install anything.  This is why I made the zip with the jnlp.

It would be nice if the sourceforce files included a built version, with all the .jar.  Best would be a version that runs and has all the file in just one .jar!

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If running the application

If running the application from the zip does not work, it would be interesting to identify why.

I made a mistake above regarding the bat files: BT747cmd.bat is a command line interface type of bat file, run_j2se.bat and run_j2se64.bat are for the GUI.

The BT747cmd.bat just pops up an instant because it is for the CLI.

I just remembered (because you ask for 1 jar file) that double clicking on dist/BT747_j2se.jar runs BT747 (but the RXTX reference will not be ok for all systems so connection is not always possible).


Finally, running BT747 on a friend's computer may require you to install the USB driver...

You could also install linux on a USB drive using .   It runs both as a bootable USB and inside virtualbox which is installed at the same time.  The linux distribution is your choice, but you should be able to associate the USB port directly with the virtualbox and hence use the USB driver of the virtual computer.  Your USB key is still available for other data without launching the virtual box, so you could have a directory with BT747 to run 'natively'.

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I downloaded the zip file

I downloaded the zip file from shawarmakarma, thanks. I also tried installing via the jnlp. I got it installed and it works but where are the files stored ?

How can I uninstall it ? I tried to do that, but it said that it was already uninstalled (which was not true). So I can't see it any more in the installed programs list. the shortcut is still there and works. How to uninstall ?

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On windows, run: 'javaws

On windows, run:

'javaws -viewer'   [you can type that after doing WINDOWS_KEY+R  press]

Then you should see the 'java cache' where you can uninstall the application.

According to me the files are stored in the location indicated by the temporary internet file location of this console (in my case: C:\Users\mdeweerd\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment ).


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Ok, works. Thanks!

Ok, works. Thanks!