cp2102 usb to uart windows 7 64-bit driver

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I recently upgraded to windows 7 64 bt.  Where can I get the usb to serial driver?


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You can get it from the

You can get it from the silicon labs site:

http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx  / VCP Driver Kit

I can not connect iBlue 747A+

I can not connect iBlue 747A+ to OS Win7 Professional 64bit SP1.

newest Silabs CP210x USBtoUART VCP driver, version 6.3a,  is not accepted by OS.

Win7automaticly installs a Locosys GPS receiver driver instead. 

Hardware doesn't connect to OS although the correct com port is selected.

Any ideas how to solve it?

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I have the same system and

I have the same system and ths driver works for me (the latest 6.3a one).

The locosys driver is not related to the C210x, but to the MTKII chipset.  That works for me too but I have to say that the latest update for that driver failed to install.

You could get the driver from Transystem, install it, remove the device from the configuration panel choosing to delete the locosys driver, then search for devices and normally have the transystem driver linked to that device.

thanks for yr reply...

thanks for yr reply... connecting problems with CP210x 6.3a or Lycosys are solved... both are working now with OS Win7 64bit

I guess, the reason was choosing wrong exe  I selected BT747_64b.exe   as starting applikation and this failed,

 iBlue 747 A+ connects now properly with BT747.exe and CP210x drivers 6.3a as well as lycosys drivers.