Cannot create lock file

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when I run bt747 under Linux as a usual user I cannot create a lock file in /var/lock and so cannot connect to my iBlue GPS logger. The directory permissions should allow creating files, I can create a simple file by the touch command.

When I run bt747 as root (what I don't want to do) everything is fine.

Do you know a solution for my problem? I guess there are some other access rights which have to be reset.

Thanks for a solution


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Hi The "official solution" is


The "official solution" is to add the user to uucp ("sudo usermod -aG uucp USERNAME").

The other solution is to create the lock file and give everybody access:

sudo mkdir /var/lock
sudo chmod 777 /var/lock

Kind regards



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Ah, I solved the problem -

Ah, I solved the problem - there were wrong access settings not for the lock directory but in the bt747 libs subdirectory.

Thanks for your help


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