BT747 ist eine Software für GPS-Logger

C# .NET Mediatek Skytraq Library 

Ein neuer Build von BT747 wird mit Java 1.7.0_51 Sicherheit entsprechen.

BT747 ist eine Software welche folgendes kann:

  • Download der aufgezeichneten Positionen vom GPS-Logger (basierend auf dem MTK Chipsatz)
  • Konvertieren der GPS-Positionsdaten in viele Formate (HTML, GPX, KML, KMZ, ...)
  • Geotag von JPG-Bildern und allen anderen Dateitypen zur Anzeige auf der Karte (Sounddateien, Dokumente, ...)
  • Läuft auf mobilen Geräten mit PalmOS, WinCE und Handys welche Java (J2ME)) unterstützen
  • Läuft auf PCs mit Windows, MacOSX und Linux
  • Konfiguration MTK-Chipsatz basierender Geräte und Logger
  • Upload von AGPS (EPO) Daten auf MTK II-Chipsatz basierende Geräte und Logger (ab Version 2.X)
Sie können hier installieren oder ein zip bekommen.

GPS Week Number Rollover Bug - Workaround for GLOG 760 (and others)

The Transystem GLOG 760 Logger is affected by the GPS Week Rollover Bug for recordings in memory.  The values read in real time from the virtual serial port over USB are correct.

As a result BT747 was reporting no recordings in the log file as the reported date was in 1999 for recent recordings.

This was changed in BT747 V2.2.1 .  This version accepts dates starting from 1980 and - more importantly - it adds 1024 weeks to any date before 1/1/2009.

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A new version of BT747 was released integrating a new AGPS download location.

The application has also been signed with a new signature, has been updated with these signatures and the jnlp files have been updated to use https.

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BT747 - New code signatures

The code signing key used for BT747 had to be upgraded to SHA-256.

Unfortunately that also revoked the old key and apparently the timestamping was not properly done with the previous signatures.  So the java laucher complains that the certificate is revoked.

All files have been resigned and republished.

You may need to launch:

javaws -viewer

[on windows : "Windows Key + R" to access the execute popup where you can enter this].

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Wanted: small tracker with display and large memory

I currently use a Holux M241, and the features I like most are

  • AA battery: you can get them anywhere on this world
  • Display showing coordinates or velocity or distance
  • Good cooperation with BT747

However, the memory for 131000 track points (less with newer firmware) is a bit tiny for any holiday of more than a week.

I found the "Locosys GPS Walker" with about 2 GBytes of Memory (and a built-in mp3-player, who needs that?), but that thing has some disadvantages:

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