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A new version of BT747 was released integrating a new AGPS download location.

The application has also been signed with a new signature, has been updated with these signatures and the jnlp files have been updated to use https.

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AGPS Servers


i currently can't get AGPS Data for my iBlue 747pro using 2.0.4 (i have to use that version because other version do not connect on my Woindows XP).

I found several diskussions regardin AGP not none fit.

Wireshark shows me should be connected (SYN send)

I used the "GPSview" from website:

No success.

Can some second that or is is a local problem?

Are there other servers? Where can i enter new URLs?


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AGPS data could not be fetched from URL

Hello I have iBlue 747 A+. Today I wanted to send data to it. but I get this message: june still works

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AGPS in J2ME and Direct Upload to OSM

Given the feedback in the poll, I've given more priority to providing the AGPS upload functionality in J2ME and now I implemented a 'not yet gui friendly' version of direct upload to Open Street Map.

The AGPS upload (and download of the data from the web) should work, but I can't test it using a real internet connection (on the phone) and a real AGPS capable device, so any feedback of success or failure is welcome). You should use the latest version 0.3.XXX).

AGPS Panel

The AGPS Panel (currently in the dev version) allows you to upload AGPS data to the device.

For the MTKII devices, this is called 'EPO' data which means 'Extended Prediction Orbit'. It is a format specific for the MTKII chipset.

As authorisation is currently lacking to integrate server location and login/password to connect to the FTP server is missing, you need to find that information for yourself. Your firewall can tell you what an application tries to connect to for instance.

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