BT747 is Software for GPS Data Logger Devices (hardware also available on this site)

C# .NET Mediatek Skytraq Library 

  • Download recorded GPS Tracks
  • Compatible with most GPS Data Loggers or Tracking Devices using the MTK chipset.
  • Convert GPS position data in many formats (HTML (Google Maps API), GPX, KML, KMZ, ...)
  • Geotag JPG pictures and position any other filetype on the map (voice, documents, ...)
  • Handheld Devices (Palm, WinCE, Mobile Phones supporting Java (J2ME)) support
  • Desktops (Windows, MacOSX, Linux flavors) support
  • Configure MTK Chipset Based Devices and GPS Loggers
  • Real Time Tracking as explained  in GPS Tracking
  • AGPS(EPO) data upload to MTK II Chipset Based Devices and GPS Loggers (2.X version).
  • Bluetooth support (within some limitations)
  • Upload to OpenStreetMap directly for fast access to your tracks while mapping

Install BT747 GPS Data Logger Software or get a zip file (including source code)


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HOLUX M1000C lost memory..

Hello. It's my first post here.

I have GPS Logger HOLUX M1000C. Device was working perfectly for last 1,5year. After return from 3 weeks holidays when I was using Holux everyday (lights indicators working normally) I tried to download data in EZtour, but ther was nothing in memory. Using BT747 after connect it says that the device memory was incorrectly initialised. Using "download data" there is few second of downloading data, but finally ther's no data at all. Its also says that there's 477 points of used memory but 0%.

Is it a software failure or do I have to use warranty and send my Holux for repairing?


Thanks for any help!