Wonde Proud BT-CD110m

Norman Chang Is Super Man ^-^

Norman Chang Is Super Man ^-^, or that is at least what the firmware of the Gisteq Phototrackr - alias the Wonde Proud BT-CD110 - claims in its firmware.

It is surely one of these practical jokes that engineers pull to make sure they leave a mark in the product they helped build.

More seriously, I've been working on adding support for that device and in the process of doing so, I build a virtual model of the device.  Using a virtual serial loopback, I am able to connect BT747 to it.  That way I can test BT747 without having to connect the real device.  That is quite handy when developing code.  There is no risk of breaking the device and I can let things go wrong on purpose.  It is specifically handy because I do not own a Wonde Proud device.

Wonde Proud BT-CD110m

I have just bought a Wonde Proud BT-CD110m which seems to almost work with BT747 (connects and gives current position) but when trying to download logs it doesn't seem to do anything.

Should I be able to get this to work by changing the configuration? If it isn't supported is there anything I can do to help add support by providing logs or information?

Many thanks

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