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Poor performance when drawing high density trackpoints in map

I am using BT474 to capture trackpoints every 5 meters. This configuration generates files with more than 50000 trackpoints that BT474 can draw in the map but with an extremely poor performance.

I suppose that the program tries to draw every point at any given scale but for some scales there is no reason to draw trackpoints since the resolution of the screen is unable to distinguish them.

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[wishlist] map to data link

I often find myself looking at the map with the trip line (track converted to GUI) and wondering which point on the map is which one in the trackpoint data: what is the timestamp, altitude and other data (like speed) of a given point of the trip on the map.

As far as I see there is no way to get the data for a given point.

As a related feature there is no way from a trackpoint to jump at it on the map.

Scroll through map using arrow keys, +, -, and CTRL, SHIFT

In the 'webinstall' version of BT747 the mapping code was updated and allows scrolling through the map using the arrow keys.

Using either CTRL or SHIFT while scrolling will make scrolling go faster and pressing both even faster.

The plus (+) and minus (-) keys can be used to zoom in or out.

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