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I have a Holux-241 and a Macbook Pro running OS10.7

Holux's utility software doesn't work, so I downloaded and installed bt747. I also installed the USB driver for the 241 off the Holux site. 

Being technologically non-proficient, I got this far before hitting a wall. Are there step-by-step instructions on getting this thing to operate somewhere? Does anyone have suggestions or tips? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


BT747 "added" to Gentoo

If you have a Gentoo system, BT747 should be easier to install now.
A visit to indicates that Tupone Alfredo has set up the script for that.
It does install the 'stable version' so for the development version you need to use other methods.

Desktop GUI

Installing the desktop version is easiest from the web. A reference to the installation links can be found on the Easy install page on http:/ . Installation from the web requires that you have 'Java Web Start' installed. This is already available on most Desktop systems. Further, you still need to have the low level drivers for the serial link (over USB or bluetooth). These were in principle on the CD that came with your GPS Logger if you have windows.


The installation procedure is different according to the platform.
We will detail the procedure according the the type of GUI first. Some common problems are explained in a separate section.

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