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Recover deleted log (Qstarz BT-Q1200)

Own mistake, I deleted the recorded data. Is a way to restore the data (I have yet did not record in the memory of other logs)
Please, pleas help.
Many thanks in advance

device: Qstarz BT-Q1200

Say Kookoo to a tracked cat

This is a nice one to share.  Wondering where his cat was hanging out when he was away for several days, this guy (Mark Spezio) decided to attach a tracking device to his cat.  The IEEE made a nice audio commented photo/video report of it:

Now he isn't using BT747 - if he were he could reduce the side effect of these large spikes on his track.  And as far as the device is concerned, I couldn't make out which one he is using.  Hints welcome.

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