BT747 with Windows 7

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run_j2se.bat does not run under Windows-7 64bit

Error: "Windows cannot find 'javaw'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again."

How can that be fixed?

Regards, Hilmar

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'javaw' has to be in the path

'javaw' has to be in the path in the 'command window'.  In principle that is done upon installation of java but maybe that does not work on Windows 7.

On Windows XP, in the system properties, in the advanced tab there is a 'Environment Variables' button.  When clicked you can see a section called 'System variables'.  There path is shown to include '%SystemRoot%\system32' where 'javaw.exe' can be found.

If 'javaw.exe' is nowhere on the path defined there, either you need to adjust that path to make it point to a location where javaw is installed or you need to make a manual edit to the startup script.  Possibly the startup script could be updated to check another location based on another standard environment variable revealing the location of javaw.  On my system such another environment variable does not seem to exist.

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OK! good to know. For Windows

OK! good to know.

For Windows 7

works well.

no, it does not. An error

no, it does not. An error message pops up: the application cannot be launched.

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In that case, try the link at

In that case, try the link at least a few times - sometimes the download fails and/or there is a cache issue which can result in that message.  Doing it two or three times with the same result should confirm the behaviour (or not).

Normally it is possible to get some more information through the Java Console (which has to be activated in the Java menu).