How much are you willing to pay (VM license) to have BT747 running on your iPhone/Android?

Up to $20
3% (20 votes)
Up to $15
3% (19 votes)
Up to $10
14% (90 votes)
Up to $8
8% (48 votes)
Up to $5
36% (227 votes)
36% (232 votes)
Total votes: 636


iPod Touch Location Service

If the iPhone or iPod Touch could use the BT747 GPS for location services I would pay 20$ for that.

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Hi, 1. Currently that would


1. Currently that would only be possible on jailbroken phones (when using an external GPS) - the internal location service has limited autonomy;

2. If this is a professional need (location service) with an interesting volume where you can have a jailbroken phone, contact me.

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Almost 80 votes since the 6th

Almost 80 votes since the 6th of January (in 20 days):

- About 1/3 wants it for free;
- So 2/3 would be ready to pay $5 or more;
- Out of which 1/3 would pay $8 or more.

So extending that to one year would mean about a 1000 users @$5 and 500 users @$8.  Either way that is $1-$2 below the cost of the license at the respective volumes.

Of course, not everybody voted, but not everybody buys, so I'll stick to the votes and keep the poll open a bit longer.

Easy payment

If 5 or 8 or 10$... most important is, that it can be payed easily and updates are free...

Good software!

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Hi Thanks for your comment.


Thanks for your comment.  Both your conditions would be met ;-).

The cost of the Totalcross Virtual Machine (VM) is degressive with volume.  So the reason for this poll was/is double: get an idea of the volume and check if what users are willing to pay is inline with the license cost for the VM.

The poll has been running for almost one month now, so extrapolating to one year, about 2000 'voters' would be interested:


  • More than 2000 are interested if this is for free ($0 total);
  • of which more than 1300 are interested if it costs at most $5   ($6500 total);
  • of which more than 500 are interested if it is cheaper than $8.01   ($4000 total);
  • of which 350 would contribute $10   ($3500 total).

And to this the interested non-voters should be added.The thing is that the volumes have to be the double of the above table in order to cover the license cost at the respective volumes + there is an advance of about $5000 to $15000 depending on the "high" or "low" license cost.

Have you thought about Kickstarter?

Have you thought about Kickstarter? This seems like a project that would fall in their realm and would allow us that follow to donate the money up front without any risk and if there is an appropriate amount donated then the project can go forward.