Holux M241 + Desktop Version - Won't Download?


I'm currently using a Holux M241 and BT747 v1.67.27 to try and download tracks. I can connect to the device fine (speed set to 38400) and get up to date information in the GPS Device Data pane, however, whenever I click the "iBlue / Qstarz / Holux / Konet" button to start a download, the progress bar appears but never fills (nothing happens after that point).

The Raw Log file is created, but its not populated.

In addition, after I press the above button, then go to the info page, i see this:

200823 - PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 204375-200875>3500
204386 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 207903-204385>3500
207913 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 211420-207913>3500
211430 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 214936-211430>3500
214946 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 218450-214946>3500
218460 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 221964-218460>3500
221974 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 225476-221974>3500
225486 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true
Timeout: 228988-225486>3500
228999 - >PMTK182,7,00001800,0000E800 true

Things tried so far

  • Different Log File and Output Directories
  • Powercycling the device
  • Using the stable version of BT747
  • Using the holux provided util (works fine)

OS in use is Vista SP1

Any help appreciated


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It looks like there was a

It looks like there was a partial success in downloading the data up to 0x17FF (6144 bytes).

Could you get me some more about the log.
Please set 'GPS Connection Debug' to active prior to connecting and select a new log file for downloading.

Once entering in the timeout cycling, you can disconnect and close the app. 'gpsRawDebug.txt' should have a detailed trace of the communication. The trace in the 'Info' tab is a short version of it, and that log would interest me too to easily get the device version info, memory filling, download preparation, ... .

My e-mail is in the 'About' info window.

I have exactly the same problem

I have exactly the same problem described above. In addition, BT747 causes my M-241 hang (nothing happened with any button pressed). But the Holux returns to its normal state after restarting.

I used the BT747 version V1.68.5 on Vista 32. My Holux's FW is V1.12.

Could anyone tell me the problem?

Thank you very much.

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More information neede


As you can see, there wqs no real further reply here so I still need more info to try to understand the problem.

I suggest that you get the latest 1.68.X version first (I think it is 1.68.22) and try again there.
If the problem persists, please activate the 'GPS Connection debug' in the menus which will result in a gpsRawDebug.txt being written.

If that does not shed any light on the problem, I might ask you later to trace the communication with your holux device using the 'official' application to understand if it is doing anything fundamentally different.

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Hi Another user mentioned in


Another user mentioned in private that he had the same problem.
This is what I replied - I did not get feedback yet regarding success or not.

a) Please remind me which problem you refert to.
b) Based on a rough analysis of your transcript there are these issues:
i) The device does not respond as requested (less data provided than requested - could also be communication problem);
ii) The device stops responding (or Windows stops receiving properly).

Supposing that the amount of data is somehow the problem, I suggest to go to the 'Advanced Device Settings' tab where you can find Chunk size, Chunk requests and Timeout.
For safety, set Chunk requests to 0. To limit the data transfer, set Chunk size to 2048. Check if that works.
Performance may not be optimal but the first goal is to get it working. If it does not work, make Chunk size even smaller.

When it works, to improve performance, you can increase chunk requests and you can increase the chunk size. The Chunk Requests will have an important impact when chunk size is small. Usually the working limit is '4' and the optimum is 3.
When the chunk size is bigger than 65535 the value is ignored.

Hopefully that helps getting a working solution - please report back with your results.

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hi! Im the "anonymous"


Im the "anonymous" user.
I tried out the configuration you suggested and at first it didnt work out. then i decreased the the chunk size to 1024 and suddenly it worked and downloaded the data! thanks very much for your help. it's really a nice software!

best regards,

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Hi Klauswitz Thanks for

Hi Klauswitz

Thanks for putting your feedback here ;-).

It seems to be some kind of communication buffer issue then which can be solved by making the transfered information 'smaller'. This probably can be tuned a bit further but the important thing is of course that there is a working solution possible.

Kind regards