holux m-241

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Recover what's possible from faulty device.

Hello everyone,

After using Holux M-241 device with "STOP WHEN FULL" option I cannot download any data now. It shows negative amount of free memory left on device which looks like I ran it after it stopped when became full; yet even now device shows quite a lot of free points on its screen :(

The question is — whether it is possible to recover at least any data which comes in full download BIN file? Currently BT747 is able to download data but cannot process it and produce any ouput to GPX etc.

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Problem converting files

I received my new Holux M-241 3 days ago, and was up and running with BT747 fairly quickly. I seem to find a new hitch every time I use it, but then get past it with some trial and error. But now I'm really stuck. Suddenly, this morning, I couldn't convert my log files. I was able to download the log file no problem using the j2se interface, but then got an error message saying the log file might not contain any data, etc.

Holux M241 + Desktop Version - Won't Download?


I'm currently using a Holux M241 and BT747 v1.67.27 to try and download tracks. I can connect to the device fine (speed set to 38400) and get up to date information in the GPS Device Data pane, however, whenever I click the "iBlue / Qstarz / Holux / Konet" button to start a download, the progress bar appears but never fills (nothing happens after that point).

The Raw Log file is created, but its not populated.

In addition, after I press the above button, then go to the info page, i see this:

200823 -

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BT747 Desktop with Holux M-241?

This doesn't work for me on my macBook Pro, with Holux M421. I execute BT747 Desktop (v1.61.3). It starts up fine, and looks great! I select "Bluetooth (for Mac)", speed 38400, and press "connect". No connection. The error message is

  • Info: trying to open /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART

  • gnu.io.NoSuchPortException.

It looks like it doesn't try the holux port /dev/tty.HOLUX_M-241-SPPSlave-1.

Is BT747 Desktop supposed to work with the Holux? bt747_macosX.command is working for me.

Thanks for any help.

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