Adding POSSIBLE_PORTS (Blumax GPS-4043, OSX, Bluetooth)

I am trying to connect a Blumax GPS-4043 to my MacBook using Bluetooth in order to download tracks.

I have managed to get this to work using BT747 but only under the old interface. I did this my editing the bt747_macosX.command file, adding the following lines:


java -Djava.library.path=${ROOT_DIR}/rxtx/ -Dbt747_port="/dev/tty.BlumaxBT-GPS-SPPSlave-1" waba.applet.Applet /w 250 /h 250 /scale 1 /bpp 8 BT747

I have also added the /var/lock file with the following two commands:
sudo mkdir /var/lock
sudo chmod 777 /var/lock

I can now connect the device to work with the device set to Nav. I have downloaded tracks and everything works.

However, I would prefer to use the newer interface but I cannot find the equivalent location in which to add these lines.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you,

Bild von mdeweerd

Hi In the new interface you


In the new interface you should be able to add the same -D... to the java call.

However this should not be needed: you can type any text in the box next to 'Connect'. You can put there "/dev/tty.BlumaxBT-GPS-SPPSlave-1" which should work.

BTW, does that port not get added to the list automatically when you do File -> Find serial ports ?

I updated my code so that it is added to the next release.