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Very impressed!  I've now got it working on my Ubuntu 10.10 netbook. I can download the track logs perfectly, but I can't work out how to erase the log memory.  I've switched to the "Device Settings" screen and clicked "Erase Only" gone through the warning dialogs to the final erasing memory dialog but that just sits there for ever - well 5 minutes for Linux and over 30 minutes for the Windows version.  What could I be doing wrong?


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My guess is that the device

My guess is that the device is not responding as the application expects it.

You can activate 'GPS Connection Debug', connect, start the erase procedure, wait 3 minutes, disconnect, get the GpsRawDebug.txt log that is created in the Output directory and share that log to see what the device is replying (or not) during the erase procedure.

My mail is in the 'about' function of the app.

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Thanks for the reply.  I've

Thanks for the reply.  I've emailed you two log files, one from my Ubuntu netbook and the other from my Win7-64 laptop.  I hope they are useful!


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Now I am very impressed

Now I am very impressed myself!

I did not realize that your logger is following a protocol which is different from the other loggers.  It is something that I've implemented a long time ago, and that the functionality was never confirmed on a real device as far as I remember it.  I developed a virtual device model that I tested this against.

So I am very impressed that you are able to download the log and convert it.

Now, when looking at your logs, I can see one command in the Ubuntu log which is requesting the used memory size, but apparently nothing else - No erase request.

In your Win7 log, I can see nothing that is specific to your logger - did you select the right protocol?

If - as I understood from you - you get the erase popup, the device might very well be erased (which you can confirm or not) - and it might just be a tweaking the removal of that popup and the detection of when the erasal finishes.  I do not know how to detect the end of erasal with this device.

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I like to be different! I

I like to be different!

I should have mentioned that in neither situation is the Gistek's memory erased.  Using the offical software in Windows shows that the memory still has data stored in it.

I am mainly trying to get this to work with Ubuntu.  AFAIK I set the protocol correctly there, but I may not have in the Windows version.  I'll have another go later today and send you a new Widows log.


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Ok. In that case, make sure


In that case, make sure that you launch an erase command so that I can at least see the device's response to that.

When you activate GPS debug, you'll also see things appear in the Info tab.  For example, the following lines are related to commands for your device.

5804849 - >WP AP-Exit

5804850 - >W'P Camera Detect

5808930 - >0x65B90000000000

5808969 - >WP AP-Exit

However, I checked in the code and the erase function for this device is not called anywhere at this moment.  Therefore, I'll update BT747 and post here again.

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OK, bit of a puzzle here.  In

OK, bit of a puzzle here.  In Unbutu I definitely connected – GPS Device Data showed what looked like real values for Lat, Long, Geoid and GPS Time but there was no info for Model etc.  I also managed to download the track data, convert it to NMEA and display it in my Memory Map program.  It didn’t erase the memory though.  I just tried all the same in Win7-32 but although it appears to connect Lat, Long, Time Geoid all display zeros.  I can’t download the data either.  I’ll create a new log file with connect, download try and disconnect in case it is of any use.


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I've updated BT747 - the

I've updated BT747 - the erase command is now called as well as some other commands that are supposed to get device information.

I have just a little bit of information on how to partially decode that device information that has not been implemented.

I think that the sent commands and the responses are displayed in a readable form in the Info tab.

The GPSRawDebug.txt file allows us to detect anything that has not been received as expected by BT747.

That's in 2.X.1880.

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Using the new version Ubuntu

Using the new version Ubuntu will now erase the memory.  While the memory is being erased the device flashes red, in the same way it does when downloading.  When this stopped I pressed the Cancel button on the last dialog and then plugged it into my laptop to check with the official software.  All tracks erased. Very good.  I didn't try downloading with the new version though, but I noticed that whereas the old version showed the device's time, the new version doesn't.  I'll take it out later to record another track and then test the new version a bit more.  Excellent work!