[wish] min/km as selectable display option

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Hi Mario,

how much effort would you estimate to add a config option to the Mobile Version of BT747 selecting how speed will be displayed in the "GPS position" screen?

I would like to get it displayed in"min/km" [as mm:ss; --:-- for 0km/h or any slower pace > 100min/km (== <0,6km/h)] - that would help me for me run training.

Others users might probably want to chose "knots" "miles/h" ect. pp.

Cheers, Enno.

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Found the link to the

Found the link to the SourceForge.net FeatureRequest and added my wish there!

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Noted. I may make an update


I may make an update to the mobile version for another reason and maybe I'll add that.

It's time to switch to the ISO system though ;-).  Some (at least 1) space programs failed because of some entities not switching to the metric system!

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I did not read your initial

I did not read your initial request properly - I thought that you were asking about miles, ... .

I've update the app to show mph/feet instead of the metric system.

To do what you are asking for is something else and I need to add a new display option for that.

What you want is to show how much time you need to run 1 km?!

Instantaneous speed ?  Averaged?

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hmm, I did not gave that too

hmm, I did not gave that too much thought - I originally just had the ídea of taking the available data that is displayed as speed X (I assume that this is instaneous speed) and display just x/60 as "mm:ss"

Reason for this is that I want to use it for running training/foot pad calibration. And usually the given speed is set as pace (that is minutes one need to complte one km) ... and to claculate it to km/h by heart is somehow not so easy.

But to answer your question how the perfect implementation would look like:

beside what gets displayed one would chose/set the averaging period. (e.g. 0 = insteaneous, >0 average in the set seconds of the period

This would then allow me to select the same average that I am using with my polar Rs400 training computer (usually 1s or 5s). And I will be able to compare the pace reading from my polar watch with the reading from the mobile phone (that I can use as a "front end" for the iBlue Datalogger that I use to "geo-track" the training runs. Very iuseful addition, as the foot sensor is only well calibrated for a very narrow pace ... and thus distance discrepancy of more than 20% can be accumulated easily in a hilly run with lot of pace changes).

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hmm, I now tried the latest

hmm, I now tried the latest and the second to latest J2ME Version - and both versions show a problem with cursor navigaion in the midlet:

Whenever I select "down" or "up" in the logger menu .. the cursor will go down/up 2 positions ... not one.

Only the stable version 0_2_68 seemd to be working fine in that regards.

Any idea what changed in regards to navigation from minor version 2 to minor version 3 that might have messed this up on my Nokia 6500c phone?

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Hi I guess some code I


I guess some code I updated in the past did not make it to the right place in the source code control system.

So I have to check that and fix it (again).