EGNOS goes live

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Since a few weeks EGNOS has gone live.

So I'm wondering what does the 'include SBAS in test' checkbox does. Is it needed to tick that box for EGNOS?



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This tick box corresponds to

This tick box corresponds to a function of the MTK GPS that will use the information that is indicated by the EGNOS satellites that specific satellites are in 'test mode'.  I guess that this can continue to be the case, but that there is  no need to check the tickbox for the regular user.  My goal is simply to make (almost) all configuration options of the MTK device available.

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Hello Mario, 'include SBAS in

Hello Mario,

'include SBAS in test' flag is curenttly still requiert for using EGNOS with the MTK devices.  Curenttly EGONS not yet working in the safety of life modus, but is run yet in stable modus.

greetings Joern Weber

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