Multiple Input Files?

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According to the page at

"Multiple input files.

Now you can 'concatenate' multiple files in BT747."


How is this done? I have days worth of tracks that span multiple .bin files.



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In the GUI version, there are

In the GUI version, there are two methods:

1) You can drag & drop 'any' file to BT747.  If the extension corresponds to a known log format, it is added to the list of log files, otherwise to the list of files that can be geotagged.  Both llists are in the 'Files To Tag' tab;

2) In the 'Files To Tag' tab, there is also an 'Add Files' button.  The result is the same as for drag and drop.


Once the files are added, you can do the usual operations and the files will be taken into account.

I hope this is clear and that you can put it in practice.