Pentagram P3101 bluetooth receiver

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I've got Pentagram P3101 gps bluetooth receiver [link] and I can't connect to it with BT747 (desktop). I've got usb bluetooth adapter (I don't remember the name) and my computer detects the gps as a serial port (com9). I can connect to the gps with Nokia 3210 via the mobile edition of BT747, but with the desktop edition not. Where is the problem?



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Hi It is a bit difficult to


It is a bit difficult to help without further information.

What is your system (XP, Win7, ...), what is the error message, ... .

Did you select com9 in the box next to connect?

How do you start BT747?

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os: vista sp2 there is no

os: vista sp2

there is no error message, it simply does nothing

yes, I've selected com9

it's strange - BT747 wakes up the gps, but it can't connect to it (the bluetooth LED on gps is not blinking as usually). Pentagram P3101 looks exactly like Qstarz 810

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Ok, I suppose that the

Ok, I suppose that the connection is successfull then.

In that case, the typical issue is that the baud rate is defined incorrectly.  I do not know what it has to be for your device.  The typical value is 115200 for most devices, 38400 for some, 57600 for one case I've been made aware of.

Even if "nothing happens", parts of BT747 that are intially greyed out should become normal black (for example the panel with the GPS data) and Connect should change to Disconnect.

If you see the GPS position appearing, then this means that you have a connection and there is another issue.

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I've checked in the P3101

I've checked in the P3101 documentation and it says, that baud rate is 115200bps. When I press CONNECT, the application is freezing for a few seconds, but after that the GPS position is not appearing  :/

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I suppose that when you press

I suppose that when you press connect it changes to disconnect.

I also suppose that you do not get error messages other than a RXTX version mismatch in the 'Info' tab.

Further I suppose that you are using the RXTX2.2pre launch method.

To rule out issues with RXTX2.2 or any other RXTX used by BT747, I suggest that you try connecting to COM9 using a terminal program.  I do not know what Vista SP2 offers, but Windows XP still had Hyperterminal available.  In there connect to COM9 using 115200, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, [flux control should not matter].  After connection you should see $GPRMC,... and more sentences appearing.  If you do not get it there, you'll not get them in BT747.

Are you connecting to your device using bluetooth on your PC too?  I am not sure if the baudrate setting matters in that case but bluetooth configuration on PC seemed a bit trickier to me and I remember helping out a collegue once on configuring the bluetooth connection on his PC - he was unable to talk to his device (which was something else than a GPS) until I carefully reviewed his configuration and fixed it.   That was my first and last confrontation with BT configuration on windows.