BT747 should work on Mobile Phones that supports CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0 and JSR-82 (bluetooth library). Take a look into the list of working reported phones. Please report if you have run it on a unlisted device, so we can add this to the list. Thanks. Download the current stable version from BT747-Sourceforge-page (select the file Unzip the content and change to "dist".

Installing BT_J2ME (the mobile BT747)

Any phone not being too strict on 'security' with a CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0 profile and JSR82 support (bluetooth library) should be able to run the J2ME version of BT747 (if the specification says MIDP2.0, it is probably OK. For a list of known phones, see further below (leave a message in the forum if your phone is not on the list). Here is a first throw at explaining how to get BT747 on your phone!

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