Wanted: small tracker with display and large memory

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I currently use a Holux M241, and the features I like most are

  • AA battery: you can get them anywhere on this world
  • Display showing coordinates or velocity or distance
  • Good cooperation with BT747

However, the memory for 131000 track points (less with newer firmware) is a bit tiny for any holiday of more than a week.

I found the "Locosys GPS Walker" with about 2 GBytes of Memory (and a built-in mp3-player, who needs that?), but that thing has some disadvantages:

  • no display of coordinates
  • If velocity is shown, the backlight is always on (although also the direction to a previously stored point is shown, which is a nice homing-feature)
  • cooperation with BT747 is rather tricky. Somehow I managed to get the html output anyway.
  • it is a bit unreliable, sometimes it turns itself, or only GPS logging, just off.

Anyone knows a M241 with ten times its memory?


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good idea

I have the same desire. Now many loggers have 8MB(yte) of memory (advertised as 64MB(it))and ususaly this is more than enough.
However somtime it would be nice to have a little more. I don't need >1GB, but 32 or 64MB(yte) would be great!!

How much points do you

How much points do you need?

I had my A+ 747 with 125.000 points with me in my last vacation (28 days in madagascar).

That was absolutly enough.

Set to record every 30 seconds, only turned on when i was awake.

So i had < 55.000 waypoints.

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Lots of Data!?

Dear Anonymous,

well, theoretically for hiking a 5s interval would do to nicely place pictures. However, to place pictures taken from a driving car or from a plane, a 1s interval would be nice.

My Holux had some problems since it fell from a large height (attachment to the kite was not so well)...

By now I have a Canmore GPorter 102+ which supposedly has 300000 datapoints, I did not verify this yet. But it has a lot of nice features for its matchbox-size: step-counter, magnetic compass, barometric altimeter, save POI and then let you direct back there, even a stamp-sized map representation of the tracks. I use gpsbabel now to convert the .FIT-File to .gpx, and then BT747 with its unparalleld Gmap-output for what I really want.