Sharing Your Tracks Without Uploading Your Data

A lot of Web Services are available to share your tracks, but those that I know require that you upload your personal track data to a server somewhere. This is something that you might want to avoid.

Other methods usually require that the recipient has some mapping software installed such as 'Google Earth'. You'ld send him your 'KMZ' file and he'ld open it in his application.

There is a better solution when using the BT747 'HTML' output format. It uses the Google Maps engine, but has all the track and waypoint data in a single HTML file. You can simply send this file to your friend who can open it in his browser - no uploading required and it is pretty fast too.

Because it is so fast, I always use this format to get a look at my tracks. It is very convinient to look at the OpenStreetMap (OSM) data too.

The frame just below is a HTML file created by BT747. To be able to upload it to this server, a google maps key was automatically added by BT747, but you do not need to do so when sending it to a friend by e-mail.