OpenStreetMap upgrading servers - impact on BT747 - workaround

Openstreetmap is upgrading their servers and this will last untill the end of Sunday, August 23rd, 2009.
The returned tiles are 'empty' and if you are 'lucky' you'll still get some map that is in your disk cache.

However, only the 'mapnik' version of the map is impacted - the 'osmarender' and 'cycle' version are still available. You can select one of these maps by going to 'Settings / Map' and then select the appropriate map.

If you have set a map cache directory (File / Set Map Cache Directory) then you probably started putting 'bad tiles' in this cache - BT747 fetches a tile from the web only if it is a week old. Therefore, you need to use the other maps for the coming week or simply empty the cache directory - you'll need to do that using 'other means' because for the moment, BT747 does not have a cache clear feature.