Defining Waypoint Types

I am in the process of adding geotagging capability to BT747. This means that in the near future, BT747 will be able to place JPG files on the map and later on put the geoinformation in the JPG files.

I will introduce the notion of 'tag type' or rather convert the notion of 'rcr' or 'Record Reason' into tag type (or tag for simplicity).

As I indicated in the dicussion forum on Sourceforge initially, the MTK devices allow us to record roughly 65000 waypoint types. I want to organize those in 255 categories having each at most 255 types. Category 0 and type 0 do not exist for compatibility reason with the currently used tags in the devices.

Categories could be speed limits, track types, traffic signals, and many others.
I will now fix one of them: Catégory '0x01' are related to geotagged information during postprocessing (i.e., the information was tagged based on a tracklog and not when it was created).

In this category, we have:

  • 0x0101 Picture: A geotagged picture
  • 0x0102 Audio recording: Whatever audio recording
  • 0x0103 Note: A simple text note.
  • 0x0104 Document: A more advanced document (could be openoffice document, pdf, ...). IN general anything that does not fall under another specific type in this category.
  • 0x0105 Phone Call
  • 0x0106 SMS
  • 0x0107 Video Recording Start
  • 0x0108 Video Recording End
  • 0x0109 Shopping: Could be based on time recording on ticket
  • 0x010A Restaurant: Could be based on time recording on ticket
  • 0x010B Meeting