C_GPS2KML - Creating advanced KML output

C_GPS2KML is a tool that reads CSV or NMEA files to create advanced and configurable KML output (for Google Earth,...) that can be easily integrated in BT747.

It can show direction of movement, speed history, detailed login information, and can also generate static and interactive graphs of altitude, speed, acceleration, satellite reception quality, etc. All the parameters of the KMZ are configurable (colors, size, alpha, icons...). Examples from C_GPS2KML are available (screenshots and KMZ files).

By setting up BT747 correctly, the advanced KML generation is just one click away:

- "Install" C_GPS2KML in a location that can be found on the system path or put it in the same directory as BT747;

- Click on 'User' and set '<pathtotool>/C_GPS2KML %f' as the external tool call while selecting CSV as the intermediate log format (in this case you can put C_GPS2KML anywhere on your system);

- or, find 'C_GPS2KML' in the pull-down list next to 'Convert To' and then click 'Convert To' (in this case C_GPS2KML must be in the BT747 directory or on the system path - more information about how to set the system path).  This method will set some defaults (it will select all log fields).

C_GPS2KML offer a lot configuration possibilities. To change the KML output configuration, C_GPS2KML can be run stand alone. Using the C_GPS2KML GUI, it's possible to configure the conversion options. Option are then saved on program exit and will be used in the next conversion from BT747.

For a full explanation of all the options available in C_GPS2KML please refer to the C_GPS2KML documentation in English or the C_GPS2KML documentation in Italian.

A more detailed explication (in Italian) about using C_GPS2KML with BT747 is available [use Google translate for instance to get a similar explication in another language].