BT747 Debian Package in preparation

A debian package for BT747 is now in preparation.

I was contacted to see if I was willing to assist in that , which I agreed.  I made some updates already to make the packaging easier, but there is still some work to do by the packager.


Excellent news ! I am using

Excellent news ! I am using BT747_J2SE_Latest_rxtx2_2p2

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As a debian package

You mean that you are using that version as a debian package?

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Update: packaging BT747 also

Update: packaging BT747 also requires the packaging of some other libraries.  It may take a while to end up with a BT747 package.

BT747 for Ubuntu

I am also interested, especially in a package for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty. Don't know if the package for Opensuse at could help. Please write a few lines, so we know if there is some progress.

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Great to see that opensuse

Great to see that opensuse has integrated BT747.

The issue with debian is that the packages that BT747 relies on have themselves to be integrated as a package.

The status for debian is visible at the bottom of the page for the link provided above.

But I guess that it is posible to create an RPM for debian which would not be an 'official debian package' and use OpenSUSE as a starting point.