BT747 2.3.1 Released - Map Functionnality Updated

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BT747 has been updated to cope with new requirements from map providers.

The list of available map providers has been reduced to list only relevant ones.

To limit the requests to these free providers, set a local cache directory from the File menu.  You be able to access previously fetched tiles offline as well.


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The site BT747 is getting the

The site BT747 is getting the data from seems to be updating itself daily, but the data is apparently from May 14th.

I originally had access with a specific account to an FTP service provided by Transystem, but that service was disabled or moved.

If you have a valid location to get the MTK7d.EPO or MTK14d.EPO files from, I can update the app.

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Location data back to be updated

Sorry, I didn't get a notification and missed your answer. The good news is that the data seems to be updated again, I just got new A-GPS data from September.

Regarding freely available location data: it would be cool, I wouldn't think that it's something secret, but I couldn't find any open source way to get/generate this data.

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No newer AGPS data than 20th of May 2021

Since roughly one week (obviously), the latest AGSP I can get is from the 14th to the 20th of May, I've already tried multiple times to upload/clear/disconnect/reconnect to no avail. The result is the same with an old version I had (bt747.2.X.2035M_en) and the latest 2.3.2 version, there are also no error messages, so that I have the impression that it's the AGPS server not delivering any newer AGPS file.