Visiontac VGPS-900

Following some discussions on GpsPasSion I added compatiblity for the Visiontac VGPS-900 logger. The special feature of this logger is its capability to do voice recording. It also has some functions for car use.

The VGPS-900 is different from the other types of loggers in that it does not log to internal memory, but to an external memory card (microSDCard).

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this.

- You can log as many positions as the size of your card can hold. With 2GB you go a long way. This means that you can leave it in your vehicle for a very long time and not worry about the memory getting full. The VGPS-900 has some extra functionality for that too (it can detect if external power (= your car battery) is available and stop logging if it is not);
- Transferring data to a PC is as simple as plugging the microSDCard in a card reader.

- Downloading the log over USB is not possible - USB seems to be used 'only' for charging.
- The bluetooth connection allows sending requests, but access to the logs does not seem possible.
- There is no way to log other waypoints than those explicitally available (the other loggers allow user waypoints when using BT747 software).
- The CSV format is dfferent from those known and the footprint is bigger than the binary log of the other MTK based loggers.
- The original tool only outputs KML or KMZ data.

Whatever may be, BT747 supports the VGPS-900 starting from 1.60.18 (under test at the time of writing).

The vendor can be found at or . Apparently the device has been available since May 2008 as Columbus V-900


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There is a nice discussion on

There is a nice discussion on of this device - unfortunately the author did not seem to be aware about BT747 when writing his python tool.

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Trying to win a device.

I just discovered that I can win such a device!
I proposed myself at Howard Forums to win it so that BT747 will get better support for it.

It is hard to debug without a device!