Holux M-1000C protocol doesn't seem to work

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For a while I wasn't figuring out what happened a while ago (between 2.x.1704 and 2.x.1887) which simply made gps data transfer not working with my Holux M-1000C, but yesterday I've been determined to look around the menus for new features which may have broken it and yes, there's a new device protocol called "Holux M-1000C", which was autoselected.

And it doesn't work.

Selecting old "Holux" (first option) just works.

Now, the funny thing is that I wanted to help, switched on debug and what I see is that when I press smart download, nothing happens. The slidebar appears, but no (extra) data seems to go to the GPS, and in a few moments the location and the time updates (download bar still there), and after a while download bar disappears.

I try to attach the raw debug, maybe it helps.

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Hi There's been some work on


There's been some work on the Holux 260 protocol which has some of the commands of the M1000C and none of the MTK commands.

I went a bit too far in supposing that the M1000C was supporting them too.

However, some of the functions will not work with the standard mode such as log overwrite and distance settings.

I updated the code to ignore these new things for that protocol (you can get the new version with the fix).

Confirmed working. Thanks.

Confirmed working. Thanks.