Cannot convert data downloaded from Holux M1200-E

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With some kind help from Mario De Weerd today I have gotted the Desktop version of BT747 running. I have managed to connect it to my Holux M1200-E via USB, I have changed the device settings such that it logs all precision and satellite data each second. I have erased and formatted the device and initited logging for a short test taking a walk. I have downloaded the log and verified that a 4 MB BT747log.bin file has been generated in the specified raw log file folder.

In filters I have enabled *all* fix types and *all* log reasons. No costum filtering just as suggested in the FAQ. Yet, when I press the convert button to convert to table in GUI, I get an error message "No output files created"

Any hints as to what is the problem?


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Did you select the right

Did you select the right convert format?  I know the list is not very explicit, but you need to select GR245.

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Hi Wow, you are fast at


Wow, you are fast at responding!

No I didn't change device to GR245. That helped, thanks!

Maybe the error dialogue could also mention this device selection hint?

It is, as you say, not overly intuitive, that GR245 should be selected for a device called M1200-E ;-)

Could it not autodetect by trying to parse it with the different device protocols and if only one checked out simply present the result for that device?

Thanks again,


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That's what I try to convince

That's what I try to convince my prospects ;-).  My customers know ...

Autodetection is in theory possible and one way would be to try the other formats if the selected one fails.

It does take time, and I do have quite some stuff on my hands.