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Holux RCV-3000

Salut le forum,

y'a t'il encore des forumeurs ici ? Voire le développeur ? 

Je viens de commander sur eBay un Holux RCV-3000, qui serait - selon le vendeur - Un M-1000 remis au gout du jour (Blutooth 2.0). Ai-je une chance de le faire fonctionner avec bt747, sous Mac OSX 10.9 ?Quels drivers devrai-je télécharger/installer ?

GPS Logger Device Compatibility

This is a list of GPS Logger Devices that BT747 supports. In general, BT747 supports devices with a MTK/MTK II-Chipset.

Support for other Chipset types/loggers is added bit by bit.
And even if your GPS is not a logger, BT747 may support GPS Chipset configuration.

Holux M-1200E: how to read tracks via Bluetooth?

Hi all,

I'm currently using BT747 for downloading GPS tracks from Holux M-1200E device via USB cable, and it works just fine. But my attempts to do the same via Bluetooth connection are unsuccessfull: it just does not see the logger on the COM port created by Windows XP for BT connection (the BT pairing & connectivity itself is fine).

I'm starting to think that BT part of that tracker can be used for live GPS data transmitting only, while its internal memory content isn't accessible from BT side, and this design is preventing me from downloading stored tracks.

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Holux M-1200E on Debian linux

Tested only with java Web Start. Command line for launcher:
/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- "http://soft.bt747.org/BT747_J2SE_Latest_rxtx2_2p2.jnlp"

In menus select:
Settings - Device Protocol - "Holux M-1000C / GPSport 245" 

To connect to device via USB data cable (not USB power cable from HOLUX package):
"USB" "115200" 
"/dev/ttyACM0" "115200"

or via blueman (pincode for pairing 0000):
"/dev/rfcomm0" "115200" (port must be not used by gpsd)

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Brilliant program! Possible to add actual photos to .kml/.kmz?

First of all, I want to say how well this software works, I made my first GPS-enabled Gallery yesterday without a glitch.


My camera is not GPS-enabled, so I used the M-241 logger & BT747 to attach GPS coordinates to each photo. Then it was only necessary to upload the photos into Menalto Gallery & set th map to show on the Album page.

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