BT-Q1300 nano on mac os x ?

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Has anyone had any luck getting a qstarz bt-q1300 nano working on os x?

I tried both bluetooth and usb but do not get a connection. I do get a connection using '/dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync' but no GPS information. When I click for download the progress bar comes up in lower right but does not make any progress.

Any hints would be great. I actually ordered the BT-1000P knowing it would work but the jerks at the ebay boutique sent the wrong one (the nano). As they are in England I am in France I want to give it a go and try to get it to work before dealing with sending it back.

BT-Q1300 nano on mac osx

Yes. The secret is that you have to do the following:

Close BT747
Open terminal
type: "sudo mkdir /var/lock"
type: "sudo chmod 777 /var/lock"

Open BT747
Select the Tab "Log operations"
Select: BLUETOOTH (for Mac)
Speed: 115200
Turn on the BT-Q1300
get solid blue LED, solid orange LED (until the GPS receiver gets a fix - then it will start blinking)
You don't have to wait for it to get a fix
Click: Connect
In a few seconds you should see the "GPS Device Data" (on the right) begin to fill in.

You are good to go at that point.

Hope this helps.


i'm trying to run BT747 under

i'm trying to run BT747 under OSX for 2 Qstarz BT-Q1300s (i rather had the nano, but its not available here anymore) but it's going far from easy...

there seems to be something about the "connect"button:

behind this button there is a list where you can make a choice between usb, blue-tooth and a number of COMM-ports. at start-up it shows: /dev/cu.{devicename}. but as soon as you make another choice this first option dissapears, although it is possible to overtype the given options.

note: {devicename} for a selected device can be changed with: blue-tooth prefs/edit serial ports

when i tried to connect it worked, but only 1 time... today i gave it a few more tries with a second gps and found out that there's another name you can or have to try there: /dev/tty.{devicename}. this gave me an error at first but when i changed it to /dev/cu.{devicename} it worked. back to the first gps i had to repeat this a few times (including switching on and off both blue-tooth and the gps) so it apears very random to me. to avoid confusion, i have given both gps's a different {devicename}

sofar the web-install version gave me most succeses, but in the downloaded full version the shell-window gave me a good help to see wich ports there were found. this list shows both the "/dev/cu." as the "/dev/tty.".

any solution for this? is it realy as random as it seems to me or am i missing something?

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If you share hte device name,

If you share hte device name, I can check if it is inthe list of known ports and add it if it is not.

Make sure you use the 2.X version because that is where the port list is most complete.

The devicename is set up in

The devicename is set up in the blue-tooth-menu, so consider it random. personaly i would like to see the usb working, since i'm using 2 gps's but that didn't do anything yet.

From gpsbabel i've learned there is a similar "name" for usb: "/dev/cu.usbmodem620" or "/dev/cu.usbmodem640", depending wich gps i connect. In this program these names show up when device is available.

These names are not stored in prefs. Would a button "add gps" to let it add a new gps to the list be a good idea?

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Here are some names

Here are some names (prefixes) for known ports:








Some 'usbmodem' ports are also checked, but only 'known' ones.  I can add your ports to that list.  You can enter the port name as text, and in principle add the ports to the list of ports by 'File > Populate Serial Port Menu'.  BT747 only memorises the last successfully connected port.