Wonde Proud BT-CD110m

I have just bought a Wonde Proud BT-CD110m which seems to almost work with BT747 (connects and gives current position) but when trying to download logs it doesn't seem to do anything.

Should I be able to get this to work by changing the configuration? If it isn't supported is there anything I can do to help add support by providing logs or information?

Many thanks

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Hi Rob I suspect that this

Hi Rob

I suspect that this device uses yet another protocol/format.
The specification says that it can store close to 250000 positions with lat, lon, utc, and tag. In other devices with 4MB this is about 170000.

The download protocol would then need to be 'known' (find a specificiation or reverse engineer), the log format too and then implemented.

You could (in order to check) also activate the connection debug to create a gpsrawdebug.txt file that I can analyse to see what the CD110m responds to the download commands (my email in the about box of the application).

Thanks mdeweerd, I will email

Thanks mdeweerd, I will email some logs over.

Great software by the way!

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Hi, I got the same Model from

Hi, I got the same Model from Gisteq as replacement for my bt-cd110 which died because I updated it's firmware (requested by Gisteq during DataTrak Software installatin provides an their home page). Now I wont to use their software anymore. BT747 seems to be the best for what I want. But unfortunately I cant receive the logs. Rob rised already the same issue. Is there some progress meanwhile? Can I do something to improve?

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Hi Waldo I worked on this

Hi Waldo

I worked on this with Rob in Oct 2009.  Log download was working for him (choose a file name for the raw log file with an extension of '.sr', and, set the protocol to 'Phototrackr/ DPL700 /...' in the settings menu.

The last status of my work with Rob was that a 256 data block had to be 'reversed engineered' to identify the device settings that were in that block.

So you can at least try the download and the conversion.