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Firstly, thanks for BT747. I appreciate all the work you have put in to help the user community.

I use my 747A+ both as a logger and as a live source of GPS data for MemoryMap or Mapyx on a PocketPC. I have been surprised to find that sometimes the PocketPC has data that is missing from the BT747 output. Eventually, I concluded that there might be a hardware problem. The e-bay supplier (HSUUK) was very helpful and provided a replacement device. This showed the same effect. I therefore checked the output with GPS Photo Tagger and found that the data I thought was missing could be seen by Photo Tagger.

I'm using BT747 V2.x.1896 (03.04.2011) and downloading the data through the USB cable both with BT747 and with Photo Tagger. I have tried both Smart Download and Full download but it doesn't seem to make any difference. As an example, after downloading data from 1st May, the "Track" tab shows consecutive records

record date/time354 01-MAY-11 13:37:17
355 01-MAY-11 13:37:22
581 01-MAY-11 13:56:12
586 01-MAY-11 13:56:37
621  01-MAY-11 13:59:32

i.e. no data records in the ranges 355-581, 581-586, 586-622

The .gpx file output by Photo Tagger for the same period shows no gaps when viewed with GPSUtility. The position data is also credible as a real track, not interpolations between between the points shown by BT747. For comparison, the .gpx output by BT747 shows the same gaps as the GUI table.

As no one else seems to have this problem, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Whatever, it would be good to get it working properly.




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This is likely due to data

This is likely due to data filtering.

Check all the tickboxes on the filter tab and it is likely that you will see these records appear.

By default positions without a fix and other records are "ignored".

Can you check that?

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I was just about to post a

I was just about to post a further comment to that effect when I saw your post. Egg on face!

"DGPS" was not selected in the trackpoints. I suppose it makes sense that this will cut in and out depending on signal quality.

May be it would be an idea to mark the critical filter entries as "only turn off if you know what you are doing". I suppose there may be some that you only turn /on/ if you know what you are doing 8-}

Thanks for your prompt response.

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It is a nice idea to have a

It is a nice idea to have a version for "dummies" but it does represent some effort...

Thanks that helped solve my

Thanks that helped solve my problem also.

I've set my datalogger to log every 10 seconds or every fix (1Hz) when the speed is above a  certain limit or when there is more than 10m movement.

The export filter was set on reason (RCR) time only. Lol.

Not even sure why I unticked all the other options though. Doesn't seem to be any reason to uncheck them.

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I have/had the same problem.

I have/had the same problem. It only exported 124 pts from the database, although there were many more. Puzzled me for a long time and I think I had solved the same problem before. Happens here, because the Filter checkmarks don't stick because every time I close the application (changed to non-webstart java app on Mac OS X because it annoyed me that I couldn't use the webstart version in the field without having WIFI) the application crashes and so no settings are saved. Took me the better part of Sunday to figure this out until I finally looked here.

So thanks for the help!

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Hi Mikofox It is strange that

Hi Mikofox

It is strange that you can not use the webstart version when unconnected - maybe that is because the shortcut does not get created on your desktop upon 'installation'.

What is the version that you are using.  There was an issue in the older versions regarding the settings of the filter which is solved in the more recent versions.
The settings are saved at several events and not only on application exit - they are in a file called BT747SettingsJ2SE.pdb in your home directory.  Look at the date of the file to check that it is 'recent'.

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I was able to install the

I was able to install the latest version from this link:http://soft.bt747.org/BT747_J2SE_Latest_Install.jnl.  In the past it downloaded but did not install, as you suspected. But this version does not populate the serial port menu for me and I'm not able to connect. I prefer to use the USB cable since Bluetooth (Apple's BT Preferences) is such a nightmare for me with two loggers. Using /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART to connect (Silabs Driver) works with the non-webstart  version.

Think the settings issue resolved after creating a new .pdb file. But app still crashes on Quit with error: quit unexpectedly while using the librxtxSerial.jnilib plugin. Can live with that though. Thanks for your help!