how to display trace length and duration?

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I've been using bt747 on OpenSuse with my iBlue 747 for quite a while now. Downloading my traces, converting them, uploading gpx to openstreetmap and editing with JOSM.

I'm collecting the google map exports as my personal hike log but I'm really missing a way to easily display the length and duration of a trip.

Does anybody here has a suggestion how to do that? Am I overlooking sth?

Thanx a lot for any input!

regards, Hannes

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Hi Hannes This is foreseen

Hi Hannes

This is foreseen but not in BT747 yet.

Kind regards


Try http://www.routeconverter





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Thanks for the Routeconverter

Thanks for the Routeconverter tip. I downloaded that and will check it out.

In the meantime I found - a community to share your tracks with friends or the public. You can upload your gpx-files and it displays a map, height profile, length and duration. You can then add a title and short description and thus create something like a trip-log. That's pretty much perfect... I didn't need to install anything, have collections of traces near certain places and can even share my trips on twitter, facebook etc.

They're in beta though... so let's hope they stay around for a while.

Keep up the fabulous work on the bt747 software... an invaluable tool for gps logger using linux...


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Thanks for sharing.  I added

Thanks for sharing.  I added it to the list of sites to share tracks.