Waypoints missing in Google Earth

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I use BT747 with a Holux M-241, and when I create the KML file with the Holux Utility, in Google Earth i see an icon for every waypoint, and at every icon there's written date and time of that waypoint.

When I use BT747 to create the KML file I can see only single waypoints by clicking them directly in the "My trackpoints" folder.

Here you can see what I mean: http://s5.directupload.net/images/100130/kbdnzzlg.jpg

What's wrong here?

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Hi The anwser might be found


The anwser might be found in the faq.  The question in the faq is "I can see the tracks in Google Earth, but not all the trackpoints are shown."

If that does not help, you can post here again.

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Hi Mario, you're right, now I

Hi Mario,

you're right, now I can see all the trackpoints. But I can see the date and time of a trackpoint only when I'm over it with the mouse, it would be helpful see that information all the time.

Thank you very much