QStarz BT-Q2000 and Gosget S2

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Does this software support either of these two BT GPS loggers, should it work?

QStarz BT-Q2000 - http://www.qstarz.com/Products/GPS%20Products/BT-Q2000-F.htm


MainNav MG-950dm - http://www.mainnav.com/product/md-950dm.htm

Not sure what GPS chip set the QStarz unit uses, but I think the MainNav unit has the Mstar MSB 2212 chip set.

I actually have the Gosget-S2 http://www.gosget.com/en_show.asp?id=99 which seems to be exactly the same as the MainNav device.

The software that comes with the QStarz unit is quite good, but the application supplied with the Gosget-S2 is very poor quality. This BT747 java app seems very good.

Anybody have experience in using the BT747 software with either of these GPS logging devices?

All I wish to do is download the device logs into GPX format so I can import into SportTracks.


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The gosget device you refer

The gosget device you refer to uses the SiRF Star III and is therefore currently not compatible with BT747.

Regarding the BT-Q2000 - I do not have feedback regarding compatibility - it is probably compatible but I do not know for sure.
I know the holux equivalent is compatible: http://www.holux.com/JCore/en/products/products_content.jsp?pno=349

Regarding the MainNav similar devices, I've added some support to BT747 but as there was nobody to test & provide feedback this will surely not work properly. You can still select it through Settings -> Download protocol -> Phototrackr, ... .
On one hand there is the download functionality that is surely not 'complete'.
On the other hand there is the conversion of the logs. BT747 should be able to read 'sr' logs [that is the extension used in BT747 to recognize a log from these devices] and convert them. Just drag and drop those to the application or set one as the raw log file.

I am willing to add both functionalities to BT747. However, I do have some other priorities right now so it will take a few months. If you have some sample log files, I can see to add conversion capability - this is not as complex as the download functionality.

mdeweerd, the Gosget S2 is

mdeweerd, the Gosget S2 is not using the SiRF Star III but the Mstar MSB 2212, as stated here : http://www.mainnav.com/product/md-950dm.htm
MainNav has at least 3 versions of their 950 product, each with a different GPS chip and the Gosget S2 is probably a OEM version of the 950dm. Problem is they use the same case and number model for the 950dm and 950D, it's confusing.

So, is the MSB 2212 supported by your software ? (and thanks for the terrific job, btw)

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This looks like yet anohter chipset that is not supported.

I guess though that the download protocol is the same as the other devices which could get supported by BT747. I added some code for that but there was nobody to help debug & test (I do not have such a device).

So support could be added at least for data download provided someone is willing to help in debugging and testing. I do not have too much time for that in the near future though.

hi, I have a MainNav 950DL. I

I have a MainNav 950DL.
I try your software both under WinXP and Linux(64bit) but it doesn't work.
If you want support this devices (that is the same of Qstarz Q-2000), i can test it.
Do you need some log file, serial sniffing etc ? I'm not able programming java but i can help you with testing, mail me.


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Hi As far as I can see on the


As far as I can see on the product page of the MG-950 DL (http://www.mainnav.com/product/md-950dl.htm), this device is based on a Sirf GPS which is not supported yet.
Support can be added and your help is welcome for 'sniffing', but first I should implement the basic 'sirf' protocol unless the MainNav uses something else - you can always start recording some of the serial communication so that the data is 'ready'. So some traces to perform the log download and device settings would be nice. The best thing to do is of course to clearly separate and 'label' the operations in the logs.

A Linux script and protocol

A Linux script and protocol information for QStarz BT-Q2000 (and possibly MG-950DL) can be found here:

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I had a look at the script

I had a look at the script and the protocol is different from any of those I have already seen.

I'll implement support for mainstream SirfIII devices first before building in support for the MG-950DL.  If somebody wants to work on adding support for the MG-950DL, this is possible.

I bought Canmore

I bought Canmore GP-101instead of the Qstarz because of the compact size. I was willing to pay a higher price for the smaller size, since I do a lot of business travel and don't have a lot of extra space to be carrying toys around. As it turns out, the price is lower and the software that comes with the Canmore GP-101 is far superior to what you get with others (which a friend purchased), plus you can take the tracker to do sport. 

Hello I have the QSTARZ

Hello I have the QSTARZ BT-Q1000P travel recorder.  It works on XP on the PC when clicking on draw map using goole earth but when installed on the laptop clicking on  draw map calls up goole map but does not plot the route.  any ideas?  thks