iPAD use of 747 GPS Recorder

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I want to link through bluetooth to a new iPAD 2. The iPAD doesn´t recognize the the GPS Recorder. With my Blackberry I can build the connection to 747

Also I´m looking for an app that will allow to download the tags to the iPOD during travelling and use later.

On my iMac I have problems to connect and download tags through


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I guess that the iPod from

I guess that the iPod from apple is behaving pretty much the same as the iPhone: limited access to bluetooth devices.

That is a marketing option of Apple.

Depending on the device that you have you may need (or benefit from) the installation of a driver (e.g., http://www.transystem.com.tw/product/97/SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg ).
Look in the info window to see a list of detected ports.

I have succesfully connected

I have succesfully connected an Ipad 1 with a 747 by using a software called roqybt (http://www.roqy-bluetooth.net/wp/). It requires a jailbreak on the Ipad.