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I want to export my bin-file to GoogleEarth kml.
The track should display as a track und the "Log Reason (RCR) = Button" Ponits as pushpins. At the same time.
Or only the track "Log Reason (RCR) = ????" => track-file-kml
Or only the points "Log Reason (RCR) = Button" => point-file-kml

Same for Export - gpx:

only the track "Log Reason (RCR) = ????" => track-file-gpx (<trk>)
only the points "Log Reason (RCR) = Button" => waypoint-file-kml (<wpt>)

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solution for track or waypoint
Export as csv (track-file and button-file)
Import GTA.NET
Export gpx
Import GPSbabel
Export kml
=> tracks und points

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Hi BT747 exports both the


BT747 exports both the tracks and the waypoints in a single file.  There is an exception for the Command Line Interface (CLI) where the interface was made compatible with mtkbabel.

You can set what is a waypoint and what is part of the track in the filter menu.

The KML file was generated with an older version of BT747 but that should still be similar today.  Here the waypoints are special because they were logged using the Mobile Phone version that allows identifying positions particularly.  You can see it in Google Maps directly using this link: .

Hopefully you'll find some success in setting the filter, if not you can share your settings and I'll comment on them.  And if there is a bug, I'll fix it.

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sample2.kml shows only about

sample2.kml shows only about eight separated blue lines and one big "P".

Big "P" is My waypoints Time 17:15:15.
The rest of the waypoints are missed.
May be it is a problem with my GoogleEarth options? Solution?

The timeline is the problem. When I move the controller I can see one by one.
When i split the controller I can see more icons. All between 5:15 and 5:37.
How can I end this "beautiful" GoogleEarth feature?

Second link to GoogleMaps works fine: two tracks and all the waypoints

Best Regards

just now tested => works very fine - All pushpins are visual

GoogleEarth crashed:
<Placemark><name>15-M&auml;rz-10 06:15:43</name>
Change language to "GB" => works very fine

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So finally your issue was a

So finally your issue was a GE 'feature' mentioned in the FAQ ;-).

The way to end this GE feature is to find the appropriate way to change the KML file so that GE shows the entire timeline.  I've made some trials but it turned out that I can not just specify the time range, I also have to specify the viewport.  Finding out how to calculate the viewport from the bounding box requires some investigation.  If you can do that investigation (get the formulas to calculate the viewport from the lat/lon bounding box), then I could adapt BT747 to implement it and GE will show what we ask for.  Currently I do not specify anything and GE does not do what we could expect as a user.

I will check out about the international tokens in the name for GE - if it can be kept (changing the specification a bit) or if it has to be removed (and just be plain english).

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Month March in German "März".

Month March in German "März". The only month with a special letter in german.

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Hi I fixed the März issue in


I fixed the März issue in 2.X.1699.