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The logger is well, the software too. But the output file have to be in a way to import in other Software.
For example Pathaway oder KDR (freeware).

Unfortunately the import is not easy, because interface is no standard. Therefore it is necessary to adjust the export file.

For example csv
and so on

Import KDR GPS Tracker
and so on

It should be possible to reformating and sequencing the export-file according to import-interface.

Analog the gpx-export.
Need a basic waypoint-file => <wpt lat, lon> and <ele> - Nothing else
Need a basic track => <trk> with only one <trkseg> and many <trkpt lat, lon> <ele>
The header is also a problem. Many programs need a special header. Some programs need no header. Only <gpx>, <trk>, <trkseg> and <trkpt lat, lon>

It should be possible to reformating and sequencing the export-file according to import-interface.

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Hi It is currently possible


It is currently possible to limit the output fields in the 'Output Settings'.  Select only the fields you want to see.

I try to be as 'standard' as possible.

One solution could be to add some type to the pull-down menu with predefined output settings (somewhat like I do for the upload to OSM which is a tuned GPX file).

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gpx - sorry - I find out my

gpx - sorry - I find out my mistakes

Filters - Trackpointfilter => trkpt
or / and
Filters - Waypointfilters => wpt

gpx => Full-Output
gpx for osm upload => basic output

So many filters and checkboxes!

Advanced File Setting
CSV File Setting => Same as NMEA-File-Setting

and so on
Not compatible with GPSbabel or Routeconverter

look similar

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Hi Possibly GPSbabel or


Possibly GPSbabel or Routeconverter do not like that some fiels are present or missing.

The NMEA standard says that fields can stay empty.  So in GPRMC, 'V' is missing in BT747 output because the value is not really known or valid in itself and 'A' is present at the end.  GPGGA is probably ok, but field is missing in BT747 after 'E'.

For GPS babel, I am willing to add some kind of compatibility mode.  We would have to check which field is the issue.

All the filters and stuff are there for tuning because as you notice, the tools out there are quite diverse and requests specific.


Also when you uncheck values in the output settings box, these will no longer appear in the NMEA either!