Geotagging photographs

I seem to be having trouble getting the tag images function to work - there seems to be something wrong with the timezone offsets - like there is a coded in offset that gets mixed with the one you set in the GUI.

I'm in +10

If I put +10 in the GUI I get no matches at all. If I put -10 in, I get some matches, but the photographs are incorrectly placed and the GUI is reporting a GPS time of about 7 and half hour and not 10.

e.g Image time 09:27 to GPS time 01:13

'geotag' (which does work, taking a GPX file from bt747), reports Image time of 09:27 , GPS time 23:27 (10 hours behind - my time zone).
geotag also seems to read the TZ environment as it's coped automatically with our recent change out of summer time (+11).

bt747 seems to have several places where you set the timezone. Perhaps they conflict creating time offset chaos.

Bild von mdeweerd

I need to improve the

I need to improve the geotagging interface to make it more 'understandable'.

There are indeed several locations to set the time offset, but only one for the pictures.

Basically, I suppose that the GPS time is correct and the TZ that you can set on the 'Output Settings' tab is intended to define the time offset that you want to see appear in the output file (HTML, ...).

The camera time might be essentially the same offset, but with an error of several seconds or minutes. This is the 'Time Zone' setting in the 'Files to Tag' view. This is the value that is important. I guess that here you device something like 7 hours and 33 minutes or so.

If you still cant get it working, send me some screenshots - my email is in the 'about' of the application.

Geotaging TZ issues

I loaded up another set of shots from Yesterday - and still can't get it to work.
It's hard to tell exactly, but it looks like it won't tag with an offset greater than 9 hours. (I'm +10). I can go to an offset of 09:06, but after that it stops working.

If I put in +10 , nothing is matched.If I put in +9 I get matches, but every thing is in the wrong place - and they are about an hour off, eg the photo is placed on the map where I was an hour after it was taken.

The camera's clock was set off the GPS time (+TZ offset) that morning, so the camera time wouldn't have been more than a few seconds out.

'geotag' using the same photos and a GPX export from bt747 as location data placed every photo with a few 10s of metres - well with in the accuracy of the actual GPS.
I'll email you some screen shots.

After sending my log and two

After sending my log and two image files, it seems this time-zone related issue is addressed now. My photo's can be tagged with a +10 time-zone offset and appear on the map in the right places.