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Can't add files to geotag


I wanted to try to geotag my photos. I open bt747, I convert to "Table in gui" so I can see my track on the Map, then I go to files to tag. I click on "add files ", select my photos, hit OK and nothing happens. No file is listed.In win xp works fine.

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I can't get my pictures geotagged and no error displayed

Hi, this is my first post on this forum so I'd like to say first thanks for this software, It's really great.

Now, Could you help me with a problem with it? The thing is that I download correctly the data from my GPS Logger: Holux GPSport 245 and it displays the route ok, but when I try to get my pictures geotagged by loading the log file and the pictures in the "Files to tag" tab, I click "Tag from File" and then "Save Tagged Files" with no response. The pictures doesn't get the data injected and remain the same.

Geotagging photographs

I seem to be having trouble getting the tag images function to work - there seems to be something wrong with the timezone offsets - like there is a coded in offset that gets mixed with the one you set in the GUI.

I'm in +10

If I put +10 in the GUI I get no matches at all. If I put -10 in, I get some matches, but the photographs are incorrectly placed and the GUI is reporting a GPS time of about 7 and half hour and not 10.

e.g Image time 09:27 to GPS time 01:13

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