BT747 is no longer able to download AGPS data

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Starting about 10 days ago (approx. Jan 10) my copy of BT747 software was unable to download AGPS data. I thought it might be temporary, but so far it is not. Has the AGPS server been turned off, or the user-name / password been changed? Or am I the only one seeing this problem? Previous to this, it has worked well, with no problems downloading AGPS file. Is there a new server?

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I have the same issue. Jan

I have the same issue.

Jan 7th was the last time i successfully uploaded.  I tried on the 13th and today and it's still not able to login.

Error says: Operation timed out

AGPS data could not be fetched from the URL...

Same Problem here

Same Problem here

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Would be nice to get some

Would be nice to get some acknowledgement of the problem here...

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Hi I am sure the the issue is


I am sure the the issue is real - I have to get back the email of the person @ transystem to notify of the issue and hope that this mail still works.

This happened already once in the past and it turned out that their server was down for some technical issue.

Thing is that nobody seems to notice that except some users with BT747 and that the only one reporting the issue to Transystem is me in the context of an opensource program!

any progress?

any progress?

Hi, same problem here. Also


same problem here. Also with GpsView there is no APGS-update possible. I did some tests with wireshark and I see a error from the Transystem-server ("500 Illegal PORT command."). I am not a specialist, but I guess, that the server doesn't support passive-FTP. My PC (with private IP-adress) is behind a router with NAT, so it could be the problem ...

I wrote some mails to Transystem (also with Wireshark-log), here is the last answer:


Our FTP does not support passive-mode FTP from day one when it is online.
Our MIS feel it is not the problem of our FTP as no other customer has same

Best Regards
Service Team

It would be fine, if other users also contact Transystems.

Hi, same problem


same problem here...

Neither bt747 program nor gpsview is able to download agps data. And it has nothing to do with routers, gateways, firewalls etc.

It would be fine if transystems could fix it...

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The problem is the

The problem is the username/password being used in the ftp command. TranSystems must have disabled or deleted the account. I am guessing that the account-name being used by BT747 is "tsi0003" and the password is "poiuks". If so, then that ftp command no longer works: ftp://tsi0001:poiuks@ But I found a password that works: ftp://tsi0001:tweyet@ Problem is that I don't know where to enter this information into BT747. I found one page where it claims to enter it into the "Location Server" settings: But that doesn't work (nor does it make sense). So where can I change the user-name/password for FTP download for AGPS data in BT747? Bonus question: Can BT747 download the 14-day AGPS data file instead of 7-day file?

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Hi Thanks for working this


Thanks for working this out.

Neither of the passwords that you mention is the password used in the BT747 version available on this site.  The password is not put in the public code - it is in the local configuration file.

I tried to connect using the password the password that is built into BT747 and this works.


So my guess is that you are using a version built by somebody else.  I'll try AGPS later - I do not have a logger at hand now.


BT747 could be set to download the 14-day data but at the time the devices only stored 7 days of data.

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I put a network monitor on my

I put a network monitor on my systems.

On Ubuntu and on Windows the login is ok, but the download fails.

BT747 relies on Java's libraries to get the file and simply provides the url to fetch it.

On windows, the actual download fails with '500:' type errors, one of which is indicating 'OOPS, Child died', followed by a '421, Timeout'.

On Ubuntu, the download fails for another reason: for some reason there is a 'CWD MTK7d.EPO' which fails because that is not a directory, but a file.

Possibly the FTP Extended Passive Mode is causing this: 

Looking into the Java library source code there is no way to avoid this Extended Mode by some option:


So the alternative is to use an internal FTP client, as is done in the J2ME version as a workaround to whatever is failing.

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I built BT747_2.X.1969 .

I built BT747_2.X.1969 .  That no longer relies on the Java Library to fetch the EPO file using FTP, it uses a slightly changed SimpleFTP.

So that proves that the issue is with the Extended Mode FTP protocol (client or server).

Leave a comment if it now works for you.

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Where are the settings, or

Where are the settings, or what file can I edit, so that I can see or change the user-name/password for obtaining the agps file, and also specify the file name (ie - 7-day or 14 day) ?

When you built the new version of BT747, are you still using the 7-day file? Does anyone know if the photomate 887 can use the 14-day file?

Is it likely that this problem was caused by the JAVA problems that Oracle had at the beginning of January with exploits and patching new versions?

It works for me, now, with

It works for me, now, with this version

works again! Thx a lot!

works again! Thx a lot!

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Hi I've requested the


I've requested the login/password specifically for BT747, as this is a login/password combination I do not provide it publically.  Somebody else mentionned another login/password on this page - you can use that one.

You can specify the URL on the command line.  I do not remember if it is taken into account when the GUI is launched.  If you want to try the 14d version that way, you can do so.


Launch 'BT747cmd.BAT' (or 64 version, or linux version, ...).  '--help' gives you the help text that indicates the --agps, --agps-clear, --agps-status and --agps-url options.

You can specify the ftp site as  'ftp://username:password@domainname/pathtofile/file' .


Good to see that this helps.  I do not know what Oracle's issues were, so not at all sure that it is related with the FTP.  My traffic analysis just inidcated that the FTP failed after the validated login and that the FTP protocol was not the simple passive one.

Version BT747_2.X.1969 works

Version BT747_2.X.1969 works fine! Thanks for support!

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Thanks Mario!

Thanks Mario!

Hi, I haven't tried using


I haven't tried using this in awhile, but I'm having similar issues.   I tried simply logging into the FTP site and wasn't even able to do that, so perhaps another account is needed...


Tried again today with 1969

Tried again today with 1969 and it works.  Must have been a server issue :)

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Hi mdeweerd, any chances that

Hi mdeweerd,

any chances that you request transsystem (or whereever bt747 does retrieve it's AGPS data from) to renew the account?

I really miss the AGPS upload functionality that worked fine for years with bt747 :(


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still problems with upload

still problems with upload agps data on mac os

there seems no advantage with this problem. with mac os i can't still upload agps data but with windows it works fine.

best regards


here are the messages from the info panel

Below are informational messages that can help during debug.
1934 - BT747 2.0.3 Build:BT747_mdeweerd.3.20110515132709849
1935 - Initial: 1018x596  Screen: 1280x800 Final: 1018x596
1935 - Mac OS X
1935 - x86_64
1935 - 10.6.8
1936 - 1.6.0_51
1936 - 64
1936 - Fail javax.swing.plaf.mac.MacLookAndFeel
Success apple.laf.AquaLookAndFeel

5517 - Classgps.connection.GPSRxTxPort
5540 - Port opened
5543 - Attempting saving settings to /Users/anna/BT747SettingsJ2SE.pdb
5545 - Writing settings success for /Users/anna/BT747SettingsJ2SE.pdb
43531 - Getting MTK7d.EPO data.
Exception created: AGPS data could not be fetched from the URL.<br><p>Check that the URL is correct and can be opened in a browser.<p>The format of the URL can be <em></em><br> to fetch from a site<p>It can be <br><em>file://c:/path/MTK7d.EPO</em><br> to fetch from a local file.<p> MTK8d.EPO
    at Source)
    at bt747.j2se_view.J2SEController$ Source)
this manual indicate it can have custom AGPS download URL in CLI parameter,
but there is no such setting in GUI,

so I make a guess, found that you can find the setting in BT747SettingsJ2SE.pdb,
which is under your %USERPROFILE% if you're using windows,

download a hexeditor, open that file, then you can find a line
in it,

I just replace the text with qstarz's ftp, and it works,
I have no idea why it been set to a useless URL, because there is no way to setup this parameter on GUI.

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Hi Just to let you know that


Just to let you know that I just made some time to investigate in more detail on this.

The issue is with EPSV - I implemented an alternative method to get the file through FTP which works.

It does not seem possible to disable EPSV the "Sun" (Oracle) library.

I finished updating BT747 for this, but I want to fix the Google Maps issue too before releasing.

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BT747_2.X.1981 includes an

BT747_2.X.1981 includes an evolution for AGPS and Google Maps.

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Thank you - although I have

Thank you - although I have mostly moved to AndroidMTK, I will give this one a try.

The problem is back today in

The problem is back today in version 2.1.0 :-(

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See the update

See the update (2.1.1)