Raw Log and Output Directory do not stick

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first off I want to thank you for a great piece of software!
I'm using an iBlue 747 with BT747 Desktop Version Latest (v.12.2.0)
For some reason the window says it's V1.68.8.

The problem I am having is that the 'Output Directories' do not stick and default to my home folder level after I quit the application. The same in 'Output Settings' if I change the Time Zone.
Is there anything I can do that the application remembers these values?

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Hi Mikofox 1) Where do you

Hi Mikofox

1) Where do you see v.12.2.0 ? V1.68.8 is the logical version.

2) I can only think that the application can not save the settings to your home directory or for some reason the exit process does not work properly. What is your OS?
As explained in the readme you can change the settings path on the command line by adding an option like this:

The V.12.2.0 I see when

The V.12.2.0 I see when opening 'About BT747 Desktop Latest' from the application menu.

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Thanks I'll check that out.


I'll check that out.