Using BT7474 with a GPS client, for Live Tracking or Location Forwarding

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I think I have looked at every GPS application that I found on Google or at Sourceforge and still did not find what I'm looking for.
Which is a simple GPS App that can either email or ftp or via built-in server, present the current GPS data to the world,
or as a lesser real-time solution can automatically extract and forward the log data files whenever the computer connects to WiFi.
The closest I have come to is the Trip Tracker GPS client/server, which for some reason does not connect to my iBlue (gives me an error that the port is in use) (
Or the no longer available Live GPS Tracking Widget. (

Could something like this be built into BT747?

This could be very helpful for modding a BT GPSs right into a notebook (any computer) for tracking/recovery/fleet-management purposes.

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I think all it would need is

I think all it would need is a way for BT747,
to auto-connect to the GPS when started,
auto-download the raw log and auto-convert the data to a specified folder where it could be further processed by another application like Automator on my Mac.

Or better run everything above as a background process and forward the files via email to a specified address.

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This can be added to

This can be added to BT747.

I've actually been thinking about it. The main bottleneck is 'time' to implement it.

If you do the scripting 'around' BT747, then you can do it.
BT747 has a command line mode and allows you to connect, download and convert the files. Not everything that you can see in the GUI is available through the command line yet, but that is theoretically possible and if essential things are missing, I can usually add functionality quite quickly. It is essentially adding the code to interpret the command line option and pass that on to the internal controller of the program. The command line is just a 'view' of the 'MVC' scheme [if you know what I mean].

If I am to implement it in BT747, I intend to do it in a way where extension to the mobile phone version is possible. Higher on my priority list is the implementation of AGPS.