Wrong (or unknown) memory size on 747A+

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I've just bought a 747A+ in ebay, to use on tracks with my motorbike, and when testing the device I noticed that the memory seems to be smaller than normal.

As you can see in the picture 747A+_1, the number of points that can be recorded with the selected options is 52019.
But, with 4MB of internal memory, it should be able to store 104038, see picture 747A+_2.
So it seems that I only have 2MB...

When looking at the FlashInfo (see picture 747A+_3), the flash type is 1C30161C, and the memory size unknown (??).
So I guess the size of 2MB is taken as default value, since the flash type/size is unknown/unreadable.

Has someone already encounter this situation or has my memory a problem.

I have set the recording of all possible data and the frequency on 5Hz, to test how much information I can really stored on the device.


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  In fact it was "unknown


In fact it was "unknown memory type".
When the memory is full, 24272 points are stored (199% of the memory according to the software). And the .bin file has a size of 4096 KB.
I guess the flashID 1C30161C is a new type...

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Hi This flash type is nown in


This flash type is nown in the newer BT747 version - you are using 1.68?

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Hi, I use the last full


I use the last full version of BT747_2.0.1_full.
Either the desktop version or the PDA like version do not identify the size of the flash.

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Ok, I'll have to release the

Ok, I'll have to release the current development version as a stable version then.  I tested using my virtual device model and the development version identifies the flash.

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Many thanks for the feedback

Many thanks for the feedback !

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An other thing, when the

An other thing, when the memory is full I got a message about corrupted memory (I use the french version so I do not know what is exactely written in englsih) and the software asks me to deleted the memory.
I have to refuse and first download the stored points otherwise they will be lost.