No multiple Tracks in GPX + converting GPX to Google-Maps-HTML


I am happily using bt747 with my Holux m-241 logger for quite a while now.
Since I just startet using bt747 more often I have the following three questions / feature requests:

1.: When I use the Holux m-241 .bin file (containing several tracks) as input and convert it to a GPX then the GPX-file contains only a single big track. The several tracks are combined to one big one.
Is there a way to conserve the division into several tracks in the GPX file?

2.: When I convert the Holux m-241 .bin file to a Google-Map-HTML everything is fine: All the information is there and still the HTML file is incredibly small (some kB).
But when I use a GPX file as input then the HMTL becomes huge (few MB) and unreadable (browser crashes).
Why is there a difference?
I would like to use the HTML-export for GPX too because it is so unbelievably small and thus perfect for preview purposes.

3.: Is there a way to clean up the track points with bt747 like it can be done with GPSBabel or Prune?
What I'd appreciate is:
- remove duplicates
- remove multiple points within a certain range (to "compress" the track)
- remove strage points (points far off the original position due to bad reception)

My ideal "workflow" would be like this: get the .bin from the Holux, clean up/compress the tracks and export to a beautifully small Google-Map-HTML.
A "detour" using GPSBabel to compress the track via GPX would be fine too but failes because of the problem to convert GPX to a (small) HTML.

Many thanks and happy holidays!

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1. Yes - normally track

1. Yes - normally track splitting based on time should still work. I do not have the time right now to write up detailed instructions.

2. If I understand correctly, you want to read GPX and convert to HTML and you already did that in BT747. However, the resulting HTML file makes the browser crash.
It could be that BT747 no longer sees your positions as a single track (or a limited nmuber of tracks) and/or that BT747 has a bug. The easiest would be that you send me your GPX file + HTML file to that I can have a look. Possibly some tweaking of the BT747 settings is good.
It could be that you generate an enormous amount of waypoints - check the waypoint filter.

3. This is not currently possible and requires coding. It should be possible to make GPX work (as a first workaround).

Thanks for the reply. To 1.:

Thanks for the reply.

To 1.: Track splitting based on time does not work for GPX output. It only works for HTML output.

To 2.: You are right, if I use GPX as input then every trackpoint is made a waypoint in the HTML output. But even with trying every possibe setting in the waypoint filter it doesn't work.
Holux .bin file as input still works fine (without any trackpoint optimization of course).

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Hi OK. Can you indicate what


OK. Can you indicate what version you are using and I'll have a look at it when I can.

Hi, I'm using BT747 version


I'm using BT747 version 1.68.25.

Thanks again!

Hello, I have the same


I have the same problem but only on Windows XP 64Bit.
It works on my PC with Windows xp without this issue!

I have tested this with V1.6.25 and V1.6.28.